Who knows your data best?

You do.

But there's nothing wrong with a little help.

Let's face it, you're the expert in your subject area.

Okay, so no one's right all the time. But a good consultant will follow your workflow, and can help translate your needs into a plan for action. Let's talk about what you need looked at. Let's talk about how to do it. And let's get your feedback every step of the way.

Once upon a time, applications developers proceeded according to the Waterfall model. Requirements were specified and agreed upon. The design was worked out in its entirety. The coding was completed. And then testing. Not what you expected? Too bad, it met the requirements. Maybe you'll pay for training then.

In the real world, not all requirements and limitations can be known in advance. That's why Mack Data Services prefers a more iterative model. We encourage quick and regular feedback. And if you require a new feature, or otherwise need to reprioritize — well, let's do it.

That's also why we discourage fixed-price contracts. We'll work with you to keep costs manageable. But we never want to say “no” to great ideas.