The devil is in the details.

Every project is different. What are your needs?


We can transfer data using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) cryptographic protocol. We can store it on a virtual server at a facility with strictly controlled physical access. We can encrypt sensitive information using an Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm with a 256-bit key size (AES-256). What does that mean? The National Security Agency (NSA) requires its use for information classified as TOP SECRET. Seriously.

And HIPAA regulations? We know HIPAA regulations.

Survey Design

Capture the data you need. It's no fun to analyze junk data.

Statistical Analysis

Simple tables and charts, or elaborate modeling techniques. Let's decide what's most appropriate.

Responsive Design

Using an iPad? Another tablet? A mobile phone? Let's talk about how to optimize your application for your needs.

Bells and Whistles

Need mapping or geocoding capabilities? Automated reminders? Emailers? Text messaging? “Big data” needs? File storage? Spreadsheet or PDF creation? Let's make your system work for you.